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Production greenhouse

The single term ‘production greenhouse’ covers a wide range of greenhouse applications. From tall Venlo tomato greenhouses to compartmentalised wide-span greenhouses for wintering of various trees, or a permaculture greenhouse for cultivation of all kinds of vegetables on a smaller scale. Hedafor benefits from more than 90 years of experience creating the ideal climate for every plant. With our wide range of greenhouses combined with a high level of design flexibility, we can offer a solution for every requirement.


Classic shape, available in standard dimensions or any desired span width. This type of greenhouse is often used for various cultures, garden centres and research centres.



  • 6.40 m to 28.80 m span lengths
  • 4-sided rubber seal for every required glazing
  • Cover in glass, polycarbonate and sandwich panels
  • Smart structure adapted to your specific crop and use


The Venlo is a classic, reliable production greenhouse for inexpensive enclosure of large surface areas. Ideal for cultivation of vegetables and crops or as growing space at a garden centre.




  • 6.40 m to 20.00 m span lengths
  • Maximum ventilation capacity
  • Span widths ranging from 3.20 to 4.80 m
  • High light transmission
  • Strong structure for versatile use


The Cabrio is a greenhouse that can be opened fully with sliding doors and guarantees an optimal outdoor climate inside, without any of the disadvantages like strong winds, rain or hail.




  • 6.40 m to 20.00 m span lengths
  • Span widths ranging from 3.20 to 4.80 m
  • Range of covering options
  • Ventilation from 85 to 95%, depending on the type of greenhouse
  • Ideal for outdoor crops or garden centres
  • Strong substructure allows for any possible internal installation
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Botanical greenhouse

Hedafor has acquired in-depth expertise in the design and construction of botanical greenhouses.

Research centres

Universities and private research centres worldwide use the Hedafor experience. We have gathered valuable knowledge in the field of construction and equipment of centres for research applications in the broadest sense of the word.

Photovoltaic greenhouse

Energy-saving is becoming an increasingly important topic. The advance of photovoltaic solar panels is unstoppable.

Sludge drying house

Globally, Hedafor builds sludge drying houses for sludge treatment.

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