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Hedafor works with ambitious horticulturists, growers and visionary researchers looking for the best environment for agriculture, horticulture, botanic culture and plant research. As part of the Deforche Construction Group, we have 90 years of experience in the construction of greenhouses and climate control technology. 

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Hedafor can offer you a total approach to your project. As a client, you are an integral member of our project team. Our collaborative approach ensures a process that is transparent, speedy and efficient in which you are closely involved, step-by-step, until your project is completed. 

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Knowledge centre Hedafor

Hedafor offers more than its expertise in complex greenhouse constructions in glass, steel and aluminium. We are a knowledge centre for contractors, architects and engineering offices looking for growth, energy efficiency, sustainability and innovation.

Solution-oriented creativity

We have the ambition to exceed your expectations. Our solutions are both effective and technically creative. We provide solution-oriented added value from a functional, technological and sustainable viewpoint.


We develop a relationship of trust with our clients. Our core values are accessibility, solution-orientation and customisation. As a client, you are an integral member of our project team.

Coordination of construction and technology

We ensure that your construction is perfectly aligned with all available technologies (heating, ventilation, etc.). We coordinate all potential alignment risks within one and the same design to achieve an optimal and efficient construction solution.

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