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Photovoltaic greenhouse

Hedafor likes to combine the construction of greenhouses and glass roofs with photovoltaic panels, offering the potential to also grow a culture beneath. We combine solar panels and construction with a building-integrated approach. We make a distinction between different types here, such as the symmetric solar Venlo and our Venlo solar windows, which optimise the solar energy generated though their asymmetrical gable, without too much impact on the light coming into the greenhouse for the culture itself. We also offer a number of sloped roofs with a mosaic of solar panels and glass, with a specific distribution tailored to each project.


We already make wide use of integration of solar panels in glass constructions, from architectural projects with our Group company, Forzon, to simpler systems focused on standardisation and the production beneath, through Hedafor.

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Botanical greenhouse

Hedafor has acquired in-depth expertise in the design and construction of botanical greenhouses.

Research centres

Universities and private research centres worldwide use the Hedafor experience. We have gathered valuable knowledge in the field of construction and equipment of centres for research applications in the broadest sense of the word.

Production greenhouse

Hedafor produces production greenhouses as a wide-span, Venlo and Cabrio model.

Sludge drying house

Globally, Hedafor builds sludge drying houses for sludge treatment.

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