It is very important for a cultivation greenhouse, research greenhouse or a botanical greenhouse, to be able to control the environmental parameters with great precision. Thanks to our years of experience, Hedafor is able to offer a suitable solution for a wide range of greenhouse projects, from a simple greenhouse with only one zone to a research greenhouse with dozens of separate climates. Our in-house installers and long-term partners ensure an end result that you can be proud of.

Climate management of Climate control

We can provide a wide range of climate management programmes for controlling the climate in research greenhouses, botanical greenhouses and other projects. Our programmes range from relatively simple and user-friendly climate control programmes, to high-tech climate control computer systems required for the most demanding projects; whatever the choice, you can count on Hedafor.


Your entire electrical installation can be designed and installed by Hedafor. By electrical works we mean the wiring of all the electrical components that are responsible for the operation of the greenhouse, as well as the lighting, power points, pump groups and other components.

The electrical components are assembled by our own team, sometimes alongside our long-term partners. This way, we guarantee a technical installation that is efficient and reliable.


Screening in greenhouse construction ensures considerable energy savings and can also have a shading or even a blackout effect. For horizontal or tunnel screens, we work with pull-wire or push/pull systems. For vertical screen installations, we opt for twin rolling or rolling screens. We install on both the inside and the outside, using only our own team or regular subcontractors.

Insect netting

To protect your crop against outside pests or to keep biological control insects and pollinators inside, you can use insect netting. With insect netting, you are less dependent on plant protection products. In research greenhouses, insect netting has the additional advantage that you can ensure that your research will not be influenced by insects and birds. Insect netting can be fitted to both new projects and existing greenhouses.


A high-performance heating installation keeps the indoor climate of your greenhouse fully controllable. Our team of engineers, project managers and installers are able to provide a suitable solution for each project. We install heat pumps, gas and biomass boilers as a heat source. For heat distribution, we work with volume heating, underfloor heating, ventilation ducts and air heaters. Depending on the location and the crop in the greenhouse, adiabatic or active cooling may also be required. We are happy to help you with our tailor made heating and colling solutions.


Our irrigation systems are designed to suit the particular crop, customer and plant. We do this regardless of whether your project is a cultivation greenhouse with one climate and one culture or a research greenhouse with multiple crops and cultivation systems. From lettuce in a vertical culture to gutter-grown tomatoes, we take care of your cultivation and irrigation system in our turnkey solutions.

High pressure fogging system

We use high pressure fogging for both air humidification and cooling. By atomising water at more than 100 bar, no water falls on the crop. The water evaporates immediately, increasing the moisture content on the one hand and cooling the air adiabatically on the other. The cooling effect of the fogging system combined with screening and open vents ensure that the indoor climate is maintained even on hot days.

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