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Drying house

Hedafor builds drying houses for sludge thickening around the world.

Drying of sludge in a Venlo or wide-span drying house reduces moisture content with minimal external energy input. This low-temperature drying, using energy from the sun, is often described as the most sustainable method for dewatering of sludge. The size of these kinds of Venlo or wide-span greenhouses currently ranges from 300 to 25,000 m². We have completed installations in France, Germany, the US and Ecuador. 

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Ons Verhaal

Deel van Deforche Construction Group

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Botanical greenhouse

Hedafor has acquired in-depth expertise in the design and construction of botanical greenhouses.v

Research centres

Universities and private research centres worldwide use the Hedafor experience. We have gathered valuable knowledge in the field of construction and equipment of centres for research applications in the broadest sense of the word.

Production greenhouse

Hedafor produces production greenhouses as a wide-span, Venlo and Cabrio model.

Photovoltaic greenhouse

Energy-saving is becoming an increasingly important topic. The advance of photovoltaic solar panels is unstoppable.

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