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Meet Karel Renier

Party at work!

Karel, our COO, recently got married to Daphné. A few weeks ago, he was happy to offer to all his colleagues sweet fritters. Thanks, Karel, and good luck together!

We make time for a chat.

Karel, how long have you been working for Deforche?

At the beginning of 2019, after 18 years of sharing my life with a general contractor, I thought it was time to give my career a new direction. A very difficult but well-considered decision that I wanted to make for the further development of my career. A decision I am very satisfied with.

So, almost two years on, what are your findings?

My initial idea ("just greenhouses") soon changed when I came into contact with the extensive possibilities that the 'glass-steel-aluminium' range has to offer. A whole new world opened up to me. And you can take that both literally and figuratively, given the places around the world where we are currently installing our greenhouses, from Belgium to the United Stated ;  from Poland to the Reunion Island.

Can you describe what's the job about?

As the ultimately responsible for implementation, I try to be a central point of contact within our company. Together with the coordinators of the various departments, I  help to monitor the construction sites, to steer them in a specific direction and to make difficult choices, both internally and externally. I consider budget monitoring to be very important. In this way, I try to use my accumulated experience to support the project managers in order to bring the projects to a successful conclusion within the set budget and the agreed planning.   And this to the satisfaction of the customer.

What are you still looking forward to?

There are many interesting projects waiting for us in the coming years. Our portfolio has never been so full. In other words, it promises to be busy times, but I look forward to them with confidence.

The future is smiling upon us.


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